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Posted on: January 13, 2009 5:10 pm

How Good Could The Cardinals Be ?

These Aren't Your Father's Cardinals, That's For Sure.You Know.In My Mind Their Is One Major Problem The Cardinals Have, Bill Dewitt.How Much Better Could We Be With A Owner Who Would Use The Proceeds He Makes From TV & Stadium's Gate.Bill Dewitt Is The Worst Owner In Baseball. The Proof Is In How Bill Dewitt Is Running The Team.I'm Gonna Say Right Off The Bat, He Sucks. We Won That 2005 World Series In-spite Of Bill Dewitt. That Team Had Key Veterans That Dumwitt Would Eventually Get Rid Of To Save Money. All He Cares About Is Making Money.He's Cutting Pay-Roll & Letting Key Veterans Leave For Barely Less Money. Maybe The Busch Family Wouldn't Be Much Better. But At Least The Pockets Are Deeper. Now I Know Busch Has Been Bought By AB InBEV. Now I Know They Have Deep Pockets. I'm Just Dreaming Of A Cardinal Team Without Bill Dumwitt.. I Know Will Be Stuck With Bill Dumwitt For A While. He Will Continue To Do Things On The Cheap.He's Lucky That Cardinals Nation Are Such Great Fans.You Know We Should Start A Petition To Show Are Disgust At The Way The Team Is Being Run.I Know That Wouldn't Do Anything, Bill Dumwitt Wouldn't Care.Well, This Is Just The Way Things Are For Cardinals Fans.Maybe Will Get Lucky & Dewitt's Children Will Sell The Team.Maybe The Cardinals Will Win In-spite Of Bill Dumwitt & Will Win The Division. Keep Those Prayers Up & Think Positive.  GO CARDINALS !!!

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